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What is discernment?


When one hears the word “discernment,” one automatically thinks that discernment is for those who just want to be priests or religious. Or that discernment is about making the decision of one’s vocation. This isn’t the case. Discernment is for everybody, and it is an invitation to truly listen to the Lord speak and understand Him. It is not so much about “getting to” the destination or the final decision, but rather about inviting God into our lives. It’s not only about allowing Him to lead, but also allowing Him to be with you. Discernment is about journeying with the Lord and seeking His will throughout life’s choices, such as choosing between different career paths, study disciplines, involvement in parish life, and vocational decisions in life.

How do I discern?



There are many different ways or means of discernment. The most common means of discernment is before the Blessed Sacrament. Our Lord Jesus Christ is substantially present in Holy Eucharist. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a powerful way to grow in love with the Eucharistic Lord and to grow in spiritual life. If you cannot find or attend exposition, you can still pray before the tabernacle where the Blessed Sacrament is kept. When you speak and listen to the Lord, you are developing a relationship with him, and it is through that relationship that you begin to fully understand his will for you.

How do I
create a healthy
prayer life?


For beginners, it’s good to set goals for your prayer time, so that when you begin to pray you have some direction. This will help you stay focused and engaged. A prayer goal will keep your mind from wandering. Realize that you are speaking to a real person who loves you. Be attentive, and focus your mind on your favorite image of the Father through religious art. Let that become the real face of the Father for you in prayer. Don’t forget that “prayer” is not all about us doing the work. Leave some room during your prayer time for God to speak to you. Eventually you will come to recognize his quiet whisper in the silence of your heart.

What's My Calling? - Discernment

What will aid me in my discernment prayer?


We all discern differently. How do you work best?

Discernment 101

Discerning God’s Plan For Your Life

The Discernment of Spirits



The Rosary is a special meditative prayer in which five mysteries are examined in detail and reflected upon. The hope is that after the prayer, the person will understand the mysteries just a little more, gain new appreciation for all the good things Jesus and the saints did, and see a few things they need to improve in their life. Examining the mysteries is actually discernment. When we meditate on the mysteries, we are asking God to enlighten us on something about the mysteries. We hope to learn something new after the prayer. This discernment can be directed toward anything we might wonder about. By following the form of the Rosary, we can ask God for help in discerning other things besides the significance of the mysteries.



St. Ignatius stressed the importance of the physical senses and feelings—gifts God has given us—which he tapped in order to deepen our understanding of God. And while Ignatian prayer is best known as the prayer of the interior imagination, of the mind’s eye, it can also be activated from an exterior, visual sense, through art.

Have I Been with You?
Have I Been With You


Personal Prayer for Young Disciples. This Primer for Young Disciples is meant to prompt a new and living experience of prayer that will assist the young person who wants to know some of the “how to” begin praying.

Discerning Religious Life
Discerning Religious Life


A comprehensive guide to help women discern Religious Life with clarity, confidence, and joy.

And Mary's Yes Continues
And Mary’s Yes Continues


By popular demand comes a beautiful new book written by the Sisters themselves providing a much-needed inside view to vocation discernment.

How do I know when I’m ready?



When peace, joy and a strong desire floods your heart with the idea of a religious vocation.

Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.


(LK 12:34)

What do I do next?




Don’t discern alone! We all need someone to speak with and accompany us along this journey. In discernment, there will be times where we are unsure or unaware of the movements of God in our life and don’t know how to proceed without clear direction. Having a spiritual director who can listen and assist us in highlight things we can’t see ourselves is an aid in our discernment prayer.


Take the next step. The temptation is to hide behind discernment. There is vocation to discernment. Discernment requires action. Trust in Jesus that he is with you and that you are not alone on this journey. You will simply know what to do in your heart if you are honest with yourself.